Electric Vehicle Charging


Price Electric Helps You Recharge Your Batteries

As more and more Eastern Iowans purchase electric and hybrid automobiles, the experts at Price Electric are your go-to professionals to install electric charging stations. From commercial to residential buildings, we know people need plenty of options to recharge electric vehicles.

Universities, shopping centers, businesses, and private residences are just a few of the places our electricians design and install these stations. Perhaps soon you’ll be able to recharge wherever you work, live, and vacation.

Electric vehicle charging stations—or EV charging stations—are as easy to use as normal household electrical appliances. Depending on the size of your vehicle, charging can take 20 minutes or several hours.

Price Electric can install a variety of indoor and outdoor wall-mounted and freestanding charging stations and types, including:

  • Non-networked single charging stations: ideal for restaurants, schools and office buildings
  • Networked single 240v charging stations: permit two charging ports to share a single circuit
  • Networked dual 240v charging stations: offers two charging ports that offer up to 7.2kW

Let the trained and licensed electrical contractors at Price Electric discuss the advantages of EV stations with you and custom design the perfect solution for you, your tenants, your employees or your customers.

For more information contact Price Electric at (319) 393-6406.