Backup Energy and Generators


We Provide Calm During a Storm

We’ve all been in the same situation...we’re watching a great movie, putting the finishing touches on an important document, or cooking dinner when, *BAM*, the electricity goes out!

Winter, spring, summer, or fall… no matter the season, storms and bad weather can damage or knock out your property’s power. Don’t be left in the dark. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, contact the professionals at Price Electric to discuss backup energy sources.

Price Electric offers a large selection of commercial and residential generators that can be used in many different ways. Our trained experts will listen as you describe your needs and priorities.

You may wish to power everything with a hardwired backup generator. The size you need is determined by your building’s square footage and how many outlets and electrical requirements you have.

During an outage, you may wish to power up just a few appliances—like your A/C unit, computer, or refrigerator—or a few areas of your home, such as the master bedroom and kitchen.

Solar powered backup systems are another option. Many utility companies provide rebates for installing a solar power unit. The experts at Price Electric can discuss the advantages of solar power with you and custom design the right system to meet your needs.

Price Electric can easily hardwire a system that will power a full home or facility, or one that provides electricity for selected appliances and systems.

Don't be without power.  Homeowners can click this link, utilize the Generator Sizing Tool and receive an idea of what type of generator will be needed or call the professionals at Price Electric for a free consultation.

For more information contact Price Electric at (319) 393-6406.