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Solutions for Living Off The Grid

What if you could harness the power of sunlight and wind and convert it into electricity? Today the possibilities are endless and the sky’s—literally—the limit. Price Electric can install or retrofit alternative power sources in your home or building. The cost of alternative energy is competitive with conventional energy options.

Wind and solar energy are changing and challenging the way we power our world. Today, solar and wind energy are used everywhere. From the Empire State Building to wheelchairs and from the Brooklyn Bridge to cornfields, more and more people are discovering that solar and wind power are cost effective alternative energy sources.

Solar and wind power contribute to major energy savings, and Price Electric can help you begin saving both electricity and money. A few panels on your home or business can nearly or completely eliminate your monthly energy costs, while wind turbines can power a major plant or facility.

Price Electric handles both residential and commercial projects throughout Eastern Iowa. From single home energy solutions to commercial building structures, we can outfit your space with the best renewable energy solution.

With Federal and State rebates, the cost of purchasing and installing solar panels and wind energy is less than you might think. Rebates can often cover 50% of the installation cost, and with monthly energy savings, your return on a system can show in as little as ten years.

The advantages of solar power and wind energy are evident. Both types of energy are:

  • Renewable
  • Clean
  • Versatile
  • Economical
  • Affordable

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