Computer controlled intercoms


Home Communication Made Simple

Wherever you go, you’re connected to others through your cell phone. People can reach you at the office, in the car, and even while you’re on vacation.

But what happens while you’re at home? Ever found yourself yelling to try to reach someone in your own house? Before you pick up your cell phone to call them, consider another option. Intercoms are an ideal way to integrate home communication.

Intercom Solutions for Home and Commercial

Price Electric can easily install and wire a home intercom system to save you time and stress . . . and save your voice.

With the touch of a button, home intercoms allow you to speak with anyone from any area of the house, monitor a baby’s room, pipe radio stations or music throughout your home, check on someone who is sick or elderly, or use the system as a security device. You can screen visitors from any location in your home.

We can retrofit an intercom system or do a new installation. You’ll love the many types of intercoms available, including wireless, portable and wall mount stations. Choose your favorite styles and colors and accessories like speakers. We install all major manufacturers and brands.

Price Electric has nearly two decades of experience installing hard-wired and wireless intercom systems. We will complete your job quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

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