Home Theater and Audio Installation


Price Electric Brings the Movies to Your Home

Going to the movies is a sensory experience. Sitting in the cool darkness watching a large screen with digital surround sound is a great way to experience your favorite movies. What if you could replicate that feeling—on a smaller scale—in your own home?

If you’ve often dreamed about having your own home theater, let the experts at Price Electric make that dream a reality. We offer professional installation, friendly service, and affordable prices. Our licensed electricians will work with any contractors you hire to ensure we’re all on the same page.

Home theater panels

The audio-visual specialists at Price Electric will answer all your questions about home theaters. We’ll start by measuring your space to determine the best projection ratios. We’ll help design the ideal configuration for your theater room and we’ll select the proper speaker placements. Then we’ll begin wiring and connecting all the electrical components that make up a home theater including:

  • Blu-ray player or projection screen
  • Gaming systems
  • A/V cables
  • Lighting controls and dimmers
  • Speaker wires
  • HVAC control
  • HDMI
  • A/V cables
  • cat5 cables
  • Receivers

The experienced professionals at Price Electric always put safety first. Don’t ever try to wire a home theater yourself. Let us design and professionally install your ideal home theater.

For more information contact Price Electric at (319) 393-6406.