Camera Surveillance


Providing Peace of Mind

Price Electric can help you provide security for your home or business. We’ve been helping customers throughout Eastern Iowa for more than two decades.

One affordable way to protect your property and your family is to install video surveillance equipment. Talk with the experts at Price Electric about what type of system will best fit your needs.

Surveillance Display

When it comes to camera surveillance, you have a lot of choices. We’ll listen to you and make recommendations. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Indoor systems: You can monitor anyone inside your home, including babysitters, caregivers, service people, babies or the elderly.
  • Outdoor systems: These weatherproof devices can be mounted at your front door or in various locations around your property.
  • Hidden or visible: Do you want larger cameras people can see or do you wish to hide your cameras so they cannot be detected?
  • Camera types: What camera is best for your security needs? Ask Price Electric about the differences between box, bullet, dome, and other types of cameras.
  • Color or black and white: Color usually isn’t necessary, it’s more important to have a clear, crisp image.
  • Wireless or wired systems: Typically wireless systems have weaker signals, while wired systems offer clearer resolution.

Price Electric will work with you to map out where you want the cameras installed and what types of camera are best for your property and your budget. Whether you’re building from scratch or doing home renovations, trust us to customize the perfect design to fit your needs.

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