NEW ROLES << Bryan Miller & Jeff Scott

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Congratuations to these two employees on their new roles at Price Electric!


Very recently Bryan has accepted an important role of Prefab Manager for Price Electric.  Previously, it was Brian Wenger, who now be focusing on logistics and the

warehouse. We are confident that this will mean that the Prefab Shop will now have a stronger voice when it comes to manpower and meeting deadlines. With this new

role Bryan is taking our Prefab Shop to the next level.We have a vision that our Prefab Shop will be an outstanding example of our safety culture and lean processes, for

all to come and witness. / 319-393-6406 ext. 218


Prefab Install Lead


Jeff has accepted the position of being the lead of the prefab install team.  His role consists of working with the construction managers after design of pre fab and

communicating with foreman to schedule install of all designed prefab.  When his team shows up on site they are the sole installers of prefab.  This is very efficient and

takes a huge burden off of the foreman running the job. 


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