Price Electric Company Golf Outing

Culture/Core Values

At Price Electric, we strive to be the best in our field.  One Team, One Company, One Goal. 

Our culture is built around "Making our customers' lives easier and our employee's lives more rewarding."  Our employees understand and support our culture as well as our core values.  By continuing this, our employees and company will continue to succeed.


Pursue Lasting Relationships: Our team members are willing to take the time and make the effort to build business and social relationships with our potential customers, coworkers and associates.

Rely on Us: At Price Electric, we make the needs of the company and customer a priority and will do what we need to help get the problem solved. We are willing to work the extra hours, stay late when needed, and help others, even if it is not our job. 

Innovative Thinking: We are continously working to improve our processes. We try new ideas to support change and drive us forward in our industry by keeping up with technology and being open minded enough to think "outside the box."   

Create Opportunities for Success: Price Electric's daily priority is to take time to teach, mentor, and coach others so that they may be better at their career and in their life. We are willing to provide the opportunity and tools for others to be successful in what they are trying and willing to accomplish; whether that is within our company or community.   

Everyone –Work Hard Play Hard: Work Hard: Our Culture and Core Values are at the heart of our ability and willingness to come to work on time every day, work hard all day and be focused on achieving goals, completing the job and creating opportunities for success. Play Hard: We support the rest of the team socially both at work and outside of work. We are willing to give forth the effort to make work enjoyable, yet productive.

We know you’ll appreciate the skilled and friendly employees at Price Electric.

We look forward to meeting you soon.