Robins, IA, US 03/01/2019

Job Title:             ASSET MANAGER                Status: Exempt (Salary)                                             

Purpose:  Under the supervision of the operations manager, the Asset Manager is the primary asset contact for procurement, planning, coordinating and disposal along with equipment safety, equipment maintenance and repair programs. The manager acts as a technical adviser on all equipment issues and assists the management team with equipment costs, budgets and potential equipment purchases. 

Our Mission Statement:  Price Electric makes our customers' lives easier and our employees' lives more rewarding.

Key Duties: 

1.     Positively supports the Company, its core values, goals, safety, and follow/enforce company policies and procedures. 

2.     Develop, implement and maintain system to track all applicable company assets including costs, along with any applicable certifications and calibrations. 

3.     Coordinate all equipment needs including readiness, delivery and pickup by working with all departments, delivery and/or rental vendor. 

4.     Manage fleet maintenance personnel in order to prioritize and control costs of safety inspections, maintenance, and repairs. 

5.     Develop, implement and maintain system to track authorized usage of equipment along with personnel licensing, training and certifications. 

6.     Provide a monthly cost analysis of operating expenses including maintenance, repairs and rentals as compared to revenue generated. 

Primary Duties: 

1.     Works to build professional relationships with employees, supervisors, customers and other business associates.
2. Keep current with equipment manufacturers to stay abreast of new technology that would be beneficial to the company.
3. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of regulations emanating from the industry and regulatory authorities to ensure compliance.
4.  Manage annual capital expenditure for new equipment purchases, including scheduling of purchases to maximize utilization and tax benefits.
5.   Manage correct fleet levels for identified and forecasts company needs.

6.  Implement, monitor and make periodic improvements to the company preventive maintenance program.

7.    Work with Safety Officer and fleet maintenance personnel to inspect equipment on a regular basis to ensure that all documentation including fuel cards, registration, insurance and SOP’s are up to date, complete and maintained.

8.  With the assistance of fleet maintenance personnel develop, implement and maintain system to track and maintain necessary inventory levels of parts and tooling.
9.    Monitor and ensure equipment appearance including cleanliness and correct decals of equipment.
10. Work with Safety Officer on next steps to either fix, replace or dispose of asset involved in incident or accident.
11. Work with repair shop and rental vendors to negotiate standardized pricing.
12. Prepares purchase orders for rental equipment.
13.   Review and approve payable invoices.
14.   Monitor and apply equipment costs to projects.
15.   Manage a strategic disposal plan for end-of-life or underutilized equipment.
16.   Monitor fleet fuel consumption and report on any irregularities.

17.   Issue and maintain list of issued key fobs to authorized personnel

Company Standards:

  • Responsible for the safety of themselves and everyone around them while adhering to our companies and customers safety policies.
  • Understand and promote our company’s philosophy and core values.
  • Works to maintain professional relationships with employees, supervisors, customers and other business associates.
  • Has a thorough knowledge of the company’s divisions and all the services they can provide.
  • Promotes our services to new and existing customers and employees.
  • Seek out new business opportunities and help maintain existing relationships.
  • Promotes professional development by learning, implementing and teaching new skills.
  • Understands our company’s affiliation with ABC and promotes the Merit Shop philosophy to others.
  • Promotes effective verbal, written and electronic communications and be able to understand and follow directions.
  • Use proper judgement to evaluate problems and make proper decisions.
  • Encourage quality workmanship by requiring accurate, complete, well organized, concise, analytical and well-articulated results.
  • Plan, organize and coordinate work of self and others to achieve desirable results.
  • Be conscience of productivity and the amount of work performed per time spent.
  • Take the initiative to seek out missions and urgencies to ensure project completion.
  • Effectively manage time and schedule to meet required deadlines.
  • Complies with and helps to enforce standard policies and procedures.

Price Electric is an Equal Opportunity Employer

"Price Electric makes our customers' lives easier and our employees' lives more rewarding."